Wavelength- Kallie Crouch

One, two, three more dropsin a bucket—half full or half empty.Nine ripples unfurling like a flowerfrom that point in the center ofthe ... read more

Cookie Cutter- Erin Evans

Strip of scrap metalDug from a bin in my father’s workshopDeep beneath rubber tubing and rectangles of copperI bent you, snipped ... read more

Excerpt from “Starlight”- McKenna Landrum

Story Overview:Mayala is a Drenth – a certain race of elf that lives in a mysterious place called the Dark Labyrinth. The Drenth ... read more

An Elegy to my Father’s Mother- Athena Gillespie

I never met my father’s mother,but I feel her everywhere. Wrapping myself up in the thick wool blanket she made,blue with little white ... read more

Notes from the Boy You’ll Never Love Back- Adam Warner

Hey,I know you’ll never read this.Because you never read,you’re practically illiterate.That sounds mean.Sorry. Today I didn’t ... read more

I Think I Broke Last Night- Adam Warner

I think I broke last night,But breaking isn’t something I’m new to.I’ve been broken for a while,Hiding away. My bedroom ... read more

Time- Dominque Williams

The only consistent thing in our lives:the reason why everything happens.Time decides our fate,our choices,our lives. I always end up ... read more

Our Fallen Gods- Dominque Williams

“Our gods were fallen faster / and fallen larger.” ~ Catherine Wing, “The Darker Sooner” I’ve seen them,the fallen gods.Giant like the ... read more

I Am From- Ava Tengelitsch

I am from old manure-stenched barns toloud horse hooves beating churned dirt.From my small toy-cluttered roomto the shaded hole under ... read more

Trader Vic’s- Sage Stringer

Cast of Characters  PARKER: 18 years old. Secretly in love with SAM. Very popular. Everyone thinks he’s a player. SAMANTHA: 17 years ... read more

Me, Myself, and I- Alexandra Sprenger

Cast of Characters: ELLIOT: Mid-twenties male in khakis and an oversized sweater, wearing round, hipster, glasses. Curly hair. Fiddles ... read more

Servant- Jake Spann

Morning dew leaves little droplets on Jason’s window. The plip plip plip of water dripping from higher up against his terrace ledge ... read more

Who Am I?- Lizzy Shetler

I am from starlightsparkling in a pitch-black sky,the only light in the darkness.I am from sunlightstreaming through the windshield of ... read more

How To Determine Whether a Substance is a Sauce or a Soup- Rowan Schultz

Abstract: A brief piece of analytical and extraordinarily logical text designed to combat one of the great conundrums of our age. ... read more

Mommies and Daddies- S.E. Schneider

“Sansa, dinner is ready!” I called. “Come wash your hands!” Thud thud thud thud thud. Sansa’s little six-year-old feet pounded the ... read more

The Sex Pistols and Goodwill High Heels- Emma Ryan

It is 2008.We live on Court Street.At the end of the road was the bell tower that ringson the hour.We live top right,a building where ... read more

Mother Earth- Emma Ryan

We take what we wantyet she asks for nothing in return.We pluck fruit from her rich soiland thank her by pumping poisoninto her lungs. ... read more

An Ode to the Bugs on the Windshield of the 2003 Buick Century- Riley Kate Robinson

The “plick” of bugs smacking the glass almost matched the pitter-patterof rainhitting and bouncing down the oak leaves,in the forest ... read more

The Riot at Stonewall Inn- Lexus Paniagua

Cast of CharactersRICO                      MARIA’s roommate. Kicked out by his parents for being gay at the age of twelve. Now 18 ... read more

Calling Into the Hallway- Reann Nelson

Cast of Characters FLO— Callous and antisocial, passionately in love with OLYMPIA OLYMPIA— Very kind. Cares about FLO. SCENE 1: AT ... read more

Starry Night- Grace Meyer

Van Gogh looked into the nightinside the insane asylum.He painted away thatyoung boy who bullied himfor being, “crazy,”the townspeople ... read more

I Like Girls and I Like Moss- Amber Marchant

I want to rot in a fieldwith a gentle breeze,swaying goldenrods, blades of grass that shudder,and June bugs that dance with the ... read more

I Wasn’t Meant to Happen- Clara Lick

It’s a bright new day. I’m greeted by the rays of sun as they caress my face with their warmth. I smile to myself beneath the covers. I read more

Meeting a Dragon (excerpt)- McKenna Landrum

Rey’hana walked through the mountain tunnel, staying close to the shadows and making sure to not make much noise. Her dark, ... read more

The Pineapple- Alyssa Lantzer

Oh pineapple,so regal and sweet,you wear a crown sogreen and bright, yetyou are no monarch. Your pointed armormay scare away some,but I read more

The Pain of Losing You- Isabel Kricher

I remember how your infectious laughterfilled up the chemical-scented hospital roomwith lifelike you weren’t afraid of dying. I ... read more

Motherless Children- Jaylah Ferris

No longer able to see your face,your smile…how everyone still says we have your smile.No longer able to hear you laughwith abundant ... read more

The Most Egg-cellent Food- Athena Gillespie

No sound is more satisfying to my ears than the crisp cracking of a fresh egg’s shell on the side of my countertop. As the yolk sizzles read more

Just a Dream- Jenna Ferris

Her eyes slowly begin to shut,and her smile creases to the perfect curve.She opens her eyes to find herself laying in a hammock,swiftly read more

The Wagon Man’s Decree- Dalton Gerbers

I. One shall not partake of grains given.Grains not sown for later harvestare justly cursed by wicked hands.For those who feed on ... read more

The Love Came from the Mess- Erin Evans

The digital clock on the oven reads 1:00 a.m. It’s Valentine’s Day, technically. In the kitchen, small rivers of melted chocolate cover read more

Perfect Night- McKagen Chio

The sunset is a rich amber color.I sit and enjoy a quiet breeze,I smell the strong scent of citrus,I see the young birds just learning ... read more

Spring Time- McKagen Chio

The sun shines brightly,trees start to sprout,snow just barely visible,flowers blooming with pastel colors.Fresh fruit tastes ... read more

An Ode to a Paper Clip- Isaac Childs

A commodity yet a rarity,a growing paradox,we think of you as common,a typical office supply,and yet your use seems to be ... read more

An Ode to my Glasses- Hannah Eagleson

The world is hazy without them,colors that make up the world and it’s beautyblend and cram into a picture of incomprehensible ... read more

Jasper- Hannah Eagleson

A hickory creaturedecaying. His figure,his bones,the whiskers poking like quillson either side of his face… It’s all melting,like read more

Elegy to Summer- Lindsey Boomer

Dear Summer: how I will miss your warm, humid days where ice cream would start melting within two minutes down my cone. How I will miss read more

The Stick- Sof Curran

Soaked in the smell of wet earth, the sound of rain upon leaves at the high crown of the woods. You have been here for quite some time. read more

Bird of Prey- Sof Curran

The falcon had sharp talons and a hooked beak. He ate rodents, smaller birds, and her mother’s paycheck. He was the dark smudge in the ... read more

Student journalists write about Line 5

Read what the 2018-19 Front Street Writers worked on, covering Line 5, the Enbridge pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac. Their ... read more

Cold- Jacob Frye

Cold It was colder than a rolling stone, But her eyes played sun when there was none. I’m not mad about it just please show me where to read more

Orange is a Color By Jacob Frye

Orange is a Color Orange Is A Color Orange is a color, not a number. As long as these pistons still spin and this key still turns, Then read more

Fear Manifested- Bailey Langbo

Fear Manifested  by Bailey Langbo  Art was everything to me. The curve of a line, the feel of a pencil in hand—amazing. The scent of a ... read more

Secrets of the Psyche-by Halie Krawczyk 

Secrets of the Psyche  (an excerpt) by Halie Krawczyk  I start counting the second I hear feet hitting the ground. It takes roughly ten read more

The New Farm- Mathew Hosler Jr.

The New Farm by Mathew Hosler Jr. America wasn’t really what I expected. Mexico just seemed so normal and safe, but America left a bad ... read more

The Rain Town- Hannah Carr

  The Rain Town by Hannah Carr Snow everywhere, that’s what I see. Not the heavy kind, but the light and fluffy powdery kind just ... read more

Ode to Tea- Katie Bublitz

  Ode to Tea by Katie Bublitz Small, dry, broken pieces, the pink of the rose petal, almost like a heart shattered,dry and ... read more

This Tendency

  This Tendency I have this tendency to spontaneously change I grow my hair long cut it off at my shoulders during a life crisis I read more

Pyromaniac- Shelby Brown

Pyromaniac She’s always been infatuated with fire, which was made evident by the chrome lighter she carried in her pocket. She was cold read more

Jane The Great- Paul Oh

Semifinalist winner of the City Opera House Young Playwrights Festival   Jane the Great By Paul Oh Cast of Characters  JANE Just ... read more

Ember in the Night- Brianna Sharp

Thick, black smoke billows to the ceiling of a home, suffocating hanging plants within. Flames spread further into the home, eating ... read more

Is it Enough?- Calista Trowbridge

  Is it Enough? To roll out of bed and despise my image To put on a mini-skirt and tank top to hide my fat body? To wear three ... read more

Maurice the Mortitian- Ciara Worthington

“Oh Dennis, you are too much!” I shout with elation. I thread a button, which is attached to a soft fabric, which touches the skin of ... read more

To Curse or Not to Curse- Aubrey Wright

The charm bubbled enthusiastically, spraying glitter, and Arachne leapt backwards with a cry, arms windmilling to maintain her ... read more

A Rat in a Maze- Grace Zucco

The Destroyer  The house was asleep before he returned. Wife and child tucked away in their beds, air conditioner droning, lights ... read more

The Prince of Ice and Fire- David Yuhaus

I didn’t think that I would be able to be in the light ever again, consumed by darkness twenty-four hours a day, except for the small ... read more

Elle- Molly Stadler

Elle I take a deep breath. It’s a little past midnight, but I’m not tired. I’ve been staying up late lately. ... read more

Anxiety- Calista Trowbridge

Anxiety   I can’t explain it – if I try I end up speechless The choking like sensation that sits in my throat gets bigger with ... read more

Emma Ryan- Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels (excerpt from longer piece “Occultatum”) By Emma Ryan Once soft and loving, the Prince’s hands were now tainted with ... read more

Joseph Lyons- Warm and Fuzzy

Warm and Fuzzy By Joseph Lyons     Kenny walked. He was always walking these days. There was almost never a respite from the damned ... read more

Clara Lick- The One Who Cries in the Bathroom at a Party

The One Who Cries in the Bathroom at a Party By Clara Lick A while back, I was invited to a party. You know, the big kind of party that read more

Clara Kroll- The House My Grandpa Built

The House My Grandpa Built By Clara Kroll Where over forty years ago there was a small field, now stands a house, white in color, a ... read more

Rebekah Keeder- Welcome

Welcome By Rebekah “Red” Keeder “Welcome,” said the soft voice of the artificial intelligence made to look like a woman, ... read more

Camilla Kiessel- 3,926 Mile Love

3,926 Mile Love By Camilla Kiessel         Layla chewed on the bubblegum pink eraser that rested atop her yellow #2 pencil. A fresh ... read more

Jaylah Ferris- Shoe

Shoe  Jaylah Ferris You put me on your feet like a worthless piece of property.  I know it’s in my job description for you to place ... read more

Jenna Ferris- Grandma

Grandma By Jenna Ferris The beach is and always will be my grandma’s happy place. Sitting at the beach, peacefully letting the sun ... read more

Sage Campbell- Done Deal

Done Deal By Sage Campbell It’s the day I have been fretting all year. If I made the right choice, it won’t end well for me. If I made ... read more

Dominque Williams- Bad Dream

Bad Dream By Dominque Williams   She aches in pain as she slowly limps   Sinking more and more into the snow with every step ... read more

Dominque Williams- The Girl in the Back Corner

The Girl in the Back Corner By Dominque Williams I stare up at the girl who faces the window Blankly staring at the rain that dots the ... read more

Jacob Spann- Last Breaths

Last Breaths By Jacob Spann Lilandria and Joseph sat in the dark hold of the Cutlass. The only lighting was the faint twinkling of ... read more

Sunny Schneider- Horatius

Horatius By Sunny Schneider  Rain poured down on the city of Rome. It ran off roofs and into drains. It pelted armored men, soaking ... read more

Josh Makinson- Unwelcome Terrors

Unwelcome Terrors By Josh Makinson “Guys… We really shouldn’t be doing this.” A sheepish looking young boy used his hands to move his ... read more

Caleb Mitchell-Ward- The Place Where Good Men Go

The Place Where Good Men Go By Caleb Mitchell-Ward Prrrrrop. They had an assault rifle on the roof and the mud wall we crouched behind ... read more

Reann Nelson-I, Too, Sing America

I, Too, Sing America By Reann Nelson After Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes   I, too, sing America.   I am the youthful wind ... read more

Reann Nelson-An Epistle to Love

An Epistle to Love By Reann Nelson   Ever since I was a little girl I had heard of you And wanted to meet you.   You were a ... read more

Jesse Martin-Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart Upon a mountain top, high above the clouds, where the enormous peaks of stone are powdered in the cold, heavy snow, there ... read more

Zoe Moseler-America’s Weakness

America’s Weakness By Zoe Moseler   It’s been around for millennia like the constant wind blowing Whether it was the great looming read more

To The White ’95 Dakota Sport My Sister’s Father Used to Drive 2018-2019

To The White ’95 Dakota Sport My Sister’s Father Used to Drive By Molly Stadler   When you were there Parked ... read more

Madelynne Gregory- Mara White’s Delivery

Mara White remembers that there was blood. Quite a lot of blood. Covering the white hospital sheets, dripping to the floor. A puddle of read more

Molly Stadler- For When I Couldn’t Sleep

For When I Couldn’t Sleep If I called you at 4 a.m. you’d pick up first ring. Talk to me in your groggy voice and say, ... read more

Molly Stadler- Hours, Days, Months

I saved up my soul for you, Packaged it in paper notes and bows… I never got a letter back. Maybe your feelings are just slow? ... read more

Joshua Makinson- Test of the Night

Unlike her friends, who grew out of their childish fears years ago, Sophie was still deathly afraid of the dark. Sophie was fifteen ... read more

Zoe Moseler- Acatalepsy

Humans will do anything to get what they want. They kill and they glom, but all is for naught. In the cessation, they’re all just bones read more

Zoe Moseler- The Ruins

Whipping winds run through her hair as the birds sing sorrowful songs of the days long forgotten but once in a full moon her cries can ... read more

Rebecca Morrison- The Mill Wheel

This is you, the ever-winding mill covered in a blanket of moss, faded with age tickled by the tips of dried wheat dunking hands into ... read more