The program is held at the Traverse Bay Area ISD and is available to high school writers living in the five-county area. AND for second-year students, it will offer writing internships in all kinds of businesses (think technical writing, copywriting, journalism, publishing). Students can attend the evening NWS author events for free.

Course description:
Front Street Writers – Foundational Writing Studies (1st year)
Front Street Writers – Advanced Writing Studies (2nd year)
English Language Arts 11 or/and English Language Arts 12
3.0 credits (full year course)

The Front Street Writers program is designed specifically for students who are interested in studying writing as a craft and pursing it as a potential profession via multiple industries. Writing forms appropriate for journalism, technical, business, marketing, trade, and social media platforms will be explored through various lenses. Exemplar pieces will be studied, deconstructed, reassembled, and students will produce pieces to meet the needs of various audiences and purposes.Students will be taught in a workshop setting by a professional writer with a Master of Fine Arts and a Career-Tech instructor. It is open to independent, highly motivated students who have proven in 9th and 10th grades to have an aptitude for and love of writing. Students will submit an application and portfolio for admission. Class will meet for two and half hours each school day and is open to students across the five-county region.Students will be required to develop a comprehensive and peer-critiqued writing portfolio, submit to student and industry publications, read their work at public exhibitions and National Writing Series events, and prepare for co-op, work experience, and/or internships as integral components of the program. Visiting authors and industry professionals, master classes, and access to the networking of the National Writers Series are all benefits of choosing this exciting and innovative option to the traditional high school English course.

Application Process: Please contact Pat Lamb, principal of the Career-Tech Center at, 231-922-6260.