FSW Graduation Year: 2018

Current Path

These days, I'm mostly a student at Colorado College. At least, I was before the world ended with the pandemic and everything. As of August 2020, I'm heading into my junior year as an English Major on the Creative Writing track. When I return to campus, I'll work as a mentor to help freshman students adjust to college life, such as it is, considering the aforementioned pandemic. Beyond what I need to do for school, I've also been working on a multimedia project documenting the mixed/biracial Asian American experience, tentatively titled "Random Hapastance" so look out for that, I guess.

FSW Experience

I joined FSW just as it was kicking off at the CTC after having been homeschooled for my first two years of high school. To be honest, I was trepidatious about returning to an educational setting with any other people at all, but our small band of afternoon students built a great community, which I treasure to this day. We did many great things that first year, but in retrospect, I may be proudest of the work we did to investigate and report on Enbridge's Line 5. I think our writing might still be up on this website if you wanted to check it out, I wrote the boring article about land easements and the coordinated legal movement against Enbridge. Getting to see how law intersects with reality and the extent of corporate negligence transformed the way I conceptualize the state of our nation. In my second year, I had the great opportunity to see my writing performed onstage, courtesy of the Young Playwrights Festival. If you have a chance to submit your script to the YPF, definitely take it, that experience means so much to me to this day (even if I itch to rewrite that entire play every time it crosses my mind).

I guess if I'm supposed to give advice that's it; take the chances you're given. Submit your work to every competition and publishing outlet that comes your way. It doesn't matter if you don't think anyone will pick up your writing in a thousand years, do it anyway. It would be a little gauche if I listed all the awards I won in my time at FSW, but I staunchly believe that what I did wasn't any better than my peers', I simply worked to get it out there. Besides potentially winning awards, this sort of writing also trains you to hit deadlines and be accountable to the people you work with in organizations like YPF. Accountability and attentiveness to deadlines are real bankable skills, which will help you to stand out (professionally or academically) regardless of what you choose to go into.

Also I'd like to give very special thanks to the instructors over my time at FSW. Ms Scollon, Luke, Ms. Link, and Ms. Collier, you all made me the writer I am today.