FSW Graduation Year: 2020

Current Path

After graduating from high school, I now plan to attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I am (very) undecided when it comes to my field of study, but I am considering creative writing, journalism (specifically feature journalism), public speaking, screenwriting, film, and fashion design, among other things. I also finally started writing what could become a novel (I have started these before but never finished one, so we'll see how it goes). Aside from this, I am working for the National Writers Series as an intern and for my mom as her daycare assistant. I have also become interested in video editing more recently and started a youtube channel. I have been attempting to design and sew clothing as well and hope to start selling custom made jeans and other clothes once I get better at making decent patterns.

FSW Experience

I joined FSW because I have loved writing and storytelling since I was three years old and would sit on the floor with a book open at random, pretending to read my own stories. While I was there, I learned not only skills in genres I was comfortable with, but I also found my love for new genres. Specifically, I started to consider journalism as a career (it seems like so much fun to go around the world talking to interesting people and writing their stories). I also started to love writing creative nonfiction and personal essays, while I used to only write fiction. I changed so much not only as a writer but as a person because of this class, mostly because of the people I met there, who were endlessly accepting and encouraging.

My advice to students in Front Street Writers is to be open-minded about new ideas when it comes to writing. You might discover that you like a genre you've never tried before. You might realize that using imagery really is a better strategy than using all of the abstractions you have been (speaking from personal experience). Talk to your classmates about your writing and see what you can learn from them. Finally, write what YOU want to write. The guidelines for assignments are open-ended for a reason. You can write what will make you happy to bring into existence or what you think needs to be written. You will have so much more interest and passion for what you're working on if it's something you care deeply about.