FSW Graduation Year: 2017

Current Path

I graduated from Saint Francis High School in 2018 and am currently enrolled in Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI. I love the small college and liberal arts, and I enjoy the flexibility of the curriculum. I am majoring in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Studies, and a minor in English. I am still exploring what I want to do with my future, but I know I want nature and writing to be a part of it.

FSW Experience

I heard about FSW through the National Writers Series and Ann Stanton. I was unsure when first joining the class, hoping my writing skills would be enough for the class. I soon realized that it did not matter what level writer I was, the class was designed so everyone could learn and develop at their own pace from wherever they start. I grew super close to all of those who were in my class, and we still keep a group text that we use to reach out with anything from writing help to having random funny conversations. We have even met up a few years since the program! Although they all have taken new paths in their lives, we all are glad we took this class and met each other. I feel immensely privileged I was able to work with such amazing developing writers and with Mrs. Scollon, plus all the writers-in-residence we had over the year. I learned so many different types of writing: fiction, creative non-fiction, poems, and news articles we actually published! I look back at that time in my high school life and feel so happy I decided to go into Front Street Writers. It gave me the confidence to enter a piece of my writing into a local competition, and when I won the award for my short fiction story, I knew writing would always be with me in my future as long as I had the confidence (and motivation) to keep writing.

Besides the literary journal that came out at the end of my FSW year that has a short fiction story of mine in it, I have been published in the Glen Arbor Sun and I have written a few articles for my college’s newspaper, The Index. Because of FSW, I have the confidence to write more and submit my writing to places like newspapers.

To new students: feel free to explore and take advantage of the knowledge that your fellow students and your teachers have! I learned so much about different styles of writing, and how people see how writing fits their own lives. Also, submit your writing to places. Don’t worry if it is good enough – just do it. I often do not feel like my writing is good enough to win awards or get published anywhere, but because I took advantage of the opportunities to submit my stuff, I was awarded some of those times and now have more confidence in myself. Most importantly, enjoy your time and have fun!