Welcome alumni of the Front Street Writers program!

This page is intended for FSW graduates as a place to gather after leaving Front Street Writers—a collaboration of the Career-Tech Center and the National Writers Series, and one of the most innovative writing programs in the country. We can’t wait to hear from you.

  • How did the program influence your path in life?
  • Have you published an article, a story, a book?
  • What did you decide to study in college or choose as your career path?
  • Do you still keep in touch with the friends you met through the program?

We invite you to fill out a form here. It will be posted on this page, so please be sure to indicate if you would like your email to be displayed.

If you’d like to update your life as time goes by, just edit your original form.

If you have any questions or run into technical problems, please use the contact form at the very bottom of the page.

Thanks FSW alumni!

Warm wishes,
Anne Stanton
Executive Director
National Writers Series

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Alumni Stories

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Amanda Dow

Amanda Dow

FSW Graduation Year: 2017 Current Path I graduated from Saint Francis High School in 2018 and am currently enrolled in Kalamazoo ... read more

Paul Oh

Paul Oh

FSW Graduation Year: 2018 Current Path These days, I'm mostly a student at Colorado College. At least, I was before the world ... read more

Erin Evans

Erin Evans

FSW Graduation Year: 2020 Current Path After graduating from high school, I now plan to attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. read more