Ode to Tea 
by Katie Bublitz 

broken pieces,
the pink of the rose petal, almost like a heart
shattered,dry and fragile,
leaving quiet,lonely whispers
like when a small wind in Autumn
grabs you
and wraps you upand dances with your hair or
when leaves crunch underfoot
and the sky is splashed with pink
as the sun dips below the trees. 
Splashing, steam rising from a cup, the broken pieces 
drown with the nettles and red clovers,trapped in a metal cage, 
staining?the scalding water pink.
Inhale that heavenly scent,
blow away the wayward steam,and feel the cup cool down.
Wait patiently,just as the leaves did.

Katie Bublitz, 12th Grade Benzie Central High School