Date: March 23, 2021

Hello! My name is Grace and I will be replacing Erin, the last blogger now that she’s gone off to college. I currently attend Mancelona High School as a senior as well as Front Street Writers in the Career-Tech Center in Traverse City.

I’m excited to be able to share my experiences in the classroom and all the opportunities Front Street Writers can offer. But first and foremost, I’d like to give a little background:

            I’m going to be completely honest with you so hopefully you future writers out there know. I had absolutely no idea that I wanted to be a writer. I always felt like you had to know that you wanted to be a writer since you were young, like beautiful words should just flow from your brain out onto a paper.

            This was most definitely not the case for me.

            I am a person that didn’t know they wanted to be a writer until about a quarter of the way through Front Street Writers. I mean, I joined the class because I do enjoy writing, but I didn’t know if I loved it enough to make it a career, and it didn’t help that I thought I would be the worst writer in the class because I couldn’t produce Shakespearean-level writing or any sort of beautiful words in a first draft.

            It took me about a week in the class before I realized that not a single person in the class can produce beautiful words on command. Don’t get me wrong, we have incredible writers, but each and every one of us has different strengths and different weaknesses. None of us can produce random metaphors to describe the world in the ways people think we can.

            The absolutely incredible flow and structures of words you see in books— went through countless drafts. Every. Single. Book. There is no writer that can push out a book with only one draft because they are just that good of a writer. I recently finished revisions on a poem that I wrote that I now adore. My first draft looked like a third-grader did it in ten minutes, with no knowledge of the assignment because he didn’t pay attention when the teacher was talking.

            Then, after getting feedback in one of the peer workshops we do in class, I started to revise. It has taken me months to get this poem up to my satisfaction, and honestly, I’ll probably change it again. It has taken months for me to find the beautiful words that writers you read are meant to produce. Ask any writer. Not a single one of us knows how to produce amazing work in a timely manner and, since we are already here, not one of us knows what we’re doing at any point in time. All we know is that we will figure it out along the way.

            So, if you were intimidated to apply for Front Street Writers because you think you aren’t a good enough writer, or that you won’t be as good as others in the class, stop right there. Your writing is good enough to be in the class. This is a learning environment; you aren’t trying to sell something on Shark Tank.

            If you’re still here after all this rambling, I really encourage you to think about joining the class, or if you’re a parent, letting your child come to Front Street Writers. If you’re still hesitant, I’ll be here telling you everything you need to know about what we do here.