The only consistent thing in our lives:
the reason why everything happens.
Time decides our fate,
our choices,
our lives.

I always end up asking myself:
What if this happened before?
What if I knew this then?
What if I did something different?
Would I still be in this position right now?
Would I still be standing here right now if I did that then?

Time is the only thing that doesn’t stop,
even when you beg on your knees and pray,
wanting so badly to catch your breath,
to breathe in deeply then slowly look around at what you have done in your life.

Time does not stop.
Nothing ever stops.
The world continues to make new history.

It’s a normal day for someone in the world right now,
and for someone else it is what they’d consider the best day of their life,
but for you it’s the worst day of your life.
You think time is cruel,
and does not care if you are sad or happy.
The world still goes on and makes history
with or without you.

You hate how unimportant you are to the world.
How we as a human race are nothing
but tiny specks of dust in one of many universes that have yet to be explored.
But truly, you are important.
Your existence itself has the power to change millions of lives for the better,
and even the world itself for the rest of time.

And with that thought you breathe in,
and the world around you disappears into the background.
You feel as if the whole world has finally stopped spinning.
It’s just you and your thoughts,
and for this one comforting second
you stand there in silence and contentment.
Then everything comes back in:
the noise, the people passing you on the busy sidewalk.

You remember that time is still ticking away,
and will continue to go on
with or without your existence.