“Our gods were fallen faster / and fallen larger.” ~ Catherine Wing, “The Darker Sooner”

I’ve seen them,
the fallen gods.
Giant like the Titans that once roamed the earth,
their wings as wide and black as the dark night sky.

And their faces,
oh, their faces are what shock me every time.
At first glance they seem as expressionless as an unfinished piece of art,
no emotion etched in their perfectly structured faces.
Yet when you look closer,
deeper into their eyes,
you’ll see that they were once finished,
but now their emotions are broken into many pieces,
quickly meshed together
creating a mask that shows nothing.

They truly are hurting deep inside,
at least that’s what I believe.
If you cannot see it in their face, then look within the wails of sorrow
that are brought up from the deep cracks of their heart.
Then listen to the earth,
for when they scream into the dead of night,
the earth shakes with anger and frustration,
feeling their pain so they do not have to.

Do not come out.
You cannot comfort them now.
It is too late.
If they who have been kicked out of Heaven were to see you,
a mere mortal with uncontrollable emotions
and a sense of curiosity,
they will keep on their polished facade they call a mask
and use you as a shell for their internal destruction.
It only takes one look:
one touch,
one word.

They will try to make you feel how they feel:
But they might end up killing you instead,
for humans cannot contain that much raw emotion.
It is simply impossible.

The gods themselves can barely contain themselves when they feel such things,
that is why most tend to shut out the emotions after a while.
It makes them powerful,
Like the gods they were meant to be.