Her eyes slowly begin to shut,
and her smile creases to the perfect curve.
She opens her eyes to find herself laying in a hammock,
swiftly swaying with the bright green trees in the wind.

She lifts her head, looking through the shaded squares that protect her eyes.
She looks at the bright blue sky,
where the white fluffy clouds soar from one side to the other.

She gets out of the hammock,
lightly prances her feet along the wooden boards of the porch,
down the strong and sturdy porch steps
one by one, one foot in front of the other.

She reaches the warm sand, spreading her toes,
letting the sand weave its way between,
walking towards the glowing, blue ocean that sparkles from the sun.
She inhales, then exhales, and then she sighs,
taking in this paradise of peace, freedom, and happiness.

Her body sinks in the water as she holds her breath, closing her eyes.
She lifts up her head and opens her eyes
to see a glowing shimmer,
a small light plugged in the wall of her bedroom.