Dear Summer:
how I will miss your warm, humid days where
ice cream would start melting within two minutes down my cone.

How I will miss your late nights, where I stayed up until 3 a.m. with my best friend,
trying to get an earwig out of her room and taking out the entire window screen,
sneaking out, going nowhere in particular.

How I will miss your rainy days where it was still warm.
I stayed in bed, drinking tea, watching movies,
feeling lonely but content.

How I will miss your endless thunderstorms,
sitting outside in the muggy air, watching lightning dance in the sky
and the rain coat my body with a bite.

How I will miss your long, continuous nights,
lying in bed listening to the world fall asleep
with Lo-Fi music beating softly in the background.

How I will miss your breathtaking sunsets,
lighting the horizons with pinks, oranges, and yellows before turning off
and saying goodnight until tomorrow.