Strip of scrap metal
Dug from a bin in my father’s workshop
Deep beneath rubber tubing and rectangles of copper
I bent you, snipped a piece of blue tape, and you became something

Now I press your shape into a cake
And for a moment
You are full and warm
A heart complete inside your skeletal frame

A heart you discovered
Hugged as it nestled in your embrace
Coming to life as you
Gave it meaning

And you fall through
Leaving the perfect heart behind
Still warm and fragile on the cooling rack
The wire pattern marking it, while you are

Cold and empty, yourself
But for a few crumbs
Clinging to your inside
Once again you hold nothing but air

You will never be stuffed with
Whipped cream and cut strawberries with juice dripping
Or cased in melted chocolate—
But you made the ones that will

You are not placed in a box
Tied with a ribbon, and offered
As a gesture of love
On Valentine’s Day

Yet none of them last
And you remain, unnoticed
Forever providing love when
Able to keep none of it