Cast of Characters

FLO— Callous and antisocial, passionately in love with OLYMPIA

OLYMPIA— Very kind. Cares about FLO.


AT RISE: (A new school hallway, the tiles are cream and polished. The lockers are void of graffiti, FLO and OLYMPIA stand next to a locker, FLO gesturing and OLYMPIA seems calm.)

He’s the most stereotypical, micro-phallus thick-headed muscle- head I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting!

Oh come on hon, he’s not THAT bad. 

He’s corpulent, he’s a fice and a fiend. I can’t stand him, he’s absolutely incorrigible! A waste of precious air and space on this pla—

Oh for the love of God, enough! Florence Lydia Mayfield, the only incorrigible one is you. You’re being ridiculous and, in truth, more judgmental than usual. Why do you hate Levi so much? I get that you’re not a people person, but he’s my boyfriend. It hurts to have my best friend talk about my boyfriend like he’s trash. Take some time, and get over it!

(Exit OLYMPIA. FLO paces the hallways of the school, muttering and pacing as she unbuttons her pea coat.)

Oh, Olympia. If only I could tell you the truth, if only my candor wouldn’t break us apart. If you knew, you’d be happy for me. You’d be elated that I learned to trust. To love. The only person I’ve ever loved is you, Olympia; you’re my best friend. You’ve always been like my sister. I don’t tell you that enough. Quite frankly I don’t know how. I speak my mind, and it always comes out wrong. I sound egotistical and rude, but I can’t help it. It’s just how I am, how I was wired to be. You’re the only person who wasn’t deterred. Despite my coarse manner and cold demeanor, you managed to worm your way into my heart, and I don’t think I could be without you there anymore. But it doesn’t matter now, does it? I don’t hate him, my dear Olympia. I’m jealous of him. Jealous that he is friendly, and approachable and confident in himself. He is everything I am not. He HAS everything I want. He has you. I know it’s silly, and I don’t very often find myself in hesitation. But it’s all at stake, for if I lose you I’m all alone. Does that make me afraid of losing you or afraid of being alone? I suppose the two are synonymous. Just like how the name Olympia has come to mean the word “everything.” You are my everything, my dear. I love you so much it hurts. A tangible pain erupts in my chest when you two are together, and I’m unable to breathe, my heart in restraints. 

(FLO slides back against lockers and sinks to the ground.)

You make me want to laugh, to smile, to live. I have long wondered what that desire would feel like. I’ve never been one to laugh—I have never felt myself to be deserving of it. What I wouldn’t give to have you smile only for me, to save your silliest jokes only for me. My God, what a blessed existence I lead. To be able to hear such a chorus of beautiful laughter. Father, if you could see me now I know you’d be disgusted. In my own defense I never thought it could be possible, but here I am. Pacing the hallways of an empty school, lamenting to myself about the one person who ever cared for me, and how she could never care enough.

(End of Scene)