A commodity yet a rarity,
a growing paradox,
we think of you as common,
a typical office supply,
and yet your use seems to be declining,
usurped by less deserving.
But that’s just fine,
your purpose goes far beyond
holding paper together.
Oh, paper clip,
let me tell you how you can be better
than a mere black stapler.

With a silvery gleam you catch my eye.
I hold you to the light,
you make nary a sound,
perfectly silent,
wire cut perfectly smooth,
pulled ever so nicely into that iconic shape.
But you don’t mind if you’re bent
or twisted or turned,
no longer able to hold anything together.
You become more intimate with my hands
as I focus my mind
on the task ahead.

Could a staple provide
nearly as much fun?
I think not.
And there may be other things
meant to be fidgeted with, true,
but they can’t hold paper together.
The only one to do it all is you.
Oh, wonder of wire,
so daring and bold,
yet kind and considerate
with patience untold.
You are so inspiring
I’ve found that with time,
when speaking of your greatness,
I feel compelled to rhyme.

Your example overpowers,
I feel weak at the knees,
but in spite of my hesitance,
I aim to please.
And so should the rest of us,
let’s be honest,
in the wake of the paper clip,
who wouldn’t follow?