America’s Weakness

By Zoe Moseler


It’s been around for millennia

like the constant wind blowing

Whether it was the great looming

Columns of Rome

or the quiet rice fields of China

it’s wrought havoc upon empires

Women are not delicate like lilies

that must be protected

They are tempests awaiting

a ship

not a man

One person is not enough

It could take more than an army

marching upon the gates of hell

Not a single Malala

nor a Ruth Bader Ginsburg

could change the tides 

With a glass ceiling 

as high as

the Empire State Building

it feeling impossible to reach

If a fire were started

Like that of the great Peshtigo Fire

the Syskiyou Fire

or the Chapleau-Mississagi Fire

then maybe the sweet call

of equality could be heard

So many voices all at once 

like a pack of wolves 

or a unified meditation chant

or the wail of police sirens

Why does our country sit by

Like a Cardinal in prayer

as acts of assault occur 

Assaults like Nassar’s 

or Weinstein’s 

or Trump’s

Land of the intolerant

and home of

the disillusioned