I, Too, Sing America

By Reann Nelson

After Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes


I, too, sing America.


I am the youthful wind of change sweeping over the nation.

It pressures me to succeed so I may accomplish what the ones before me could not,

Spending late nights knee-deep in studies,

Drowning in my own inhibitions,

And wishing there was someone who understood.



I’ll be off to college 

Society will regret making me work so hard,

And making me grow up so fast,

Just now realizing all the little things I missed.

I’ll make my life my own, finally free.

Promising myself I’ll do better when I have children,

Only to fall into the neat box that was set out for me from the beginning.



Our nation will look at my life and feel ashamed–

Seeing that it has condemned me and those after me to the same suffering.


I, too, sing America.