The Girl in the Back Corner

By Dominque Williams

I stare up at the girl who faces the window

Blankly staring at the rain that dots the other side

I can hear her music that continuously blares in her ears

She slowly takes her hand from under her chin

And looks at the bright screen behind me before picking me up and taking a sip

It feels like forever to me as I begin to study her face from a different perspective

The dark circles that hug her eyes tightly,

The little freckles that lightly spread over parts of her softly shaped face,

The patches of acne on her forehead and cheeks,

Her short, curled eyelashes, 

Her long, untamed hair, pulled into a messy bun

I feel her soft, warm hands hold my sides and am at peace

But as quick as it started, it was gone

She sighed contentedly as she put me down

And left me with the heat of what was a drink and nothing else.