Bad Dream

By Dominque Williams


She aches in pain as she slowly limps  

Sinking more and more into the snow with every step

Frightened of what fate may serve to her next

She hears a loud screech from miles away 

And starts to run

But falls after the first stride 

And cries out for someone to help her up

As she lies on her stomach, she continues to sob 

She looks towards the sky 

And apologizes for everything she’s done

As the screeches get louder and the footsteps come closer

She shuts her eyes and waits for her demise

But all that’s waiting for her when she opens them 

Is the sound of her clock softly ticking and the purring of her cats that lie on her bed

She jerks up, waking her cats, and gasps for breath

Feeling her side where just a minute ago was a bleeding wound 

But is now her baggy shirt slightly damp from sweat

She takes one last look around her room before lying back down

And shuts her eyes once more

“Just a bad dream.”