Jaylah Ferris

You put me on your feet like a worthless piece of property. 

I know it’s in my job description for you to place your feet in me, but I deserve to be treated with respect.

I have feelings. 

You bought me because you loved me, and that’s what made me love you.

It was love at first sight.

Now… I don’t know what to feel.

Is our connection fake or real?

We have our good and bad times, but what may seem fun for you is not fun for me at all.

Jumping in puddles.

Fun for you.

Bad for me. 

Not only being suffocated by the stench of your feet, but also suffocated by water. 

I am drowning in filth.

I get to explore new places, but places that may be beautiful to you are not beautiful to me. 

I get the gross view.

You can see the world!!

I can feel the world… 

Rocks embedded in the wedges of my soul.

Painfully stuck.

As time goes on you appreciate having me around.

You show me off.

Others copy your style

And now I have more friends.

I am not alone!

I have had my time.

Days become weeks… 

Weeks become months… 

Months become years… 

A new brand is in town, and he is making an impact on my life.

He is the enemy.

The brand-new style.

Bright white

Shiny logo.

As for me, I am dirty, old, and worn.

You liked him better – now you’re wearing him.